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Interview Guest:
Jeremy Kauffman, CEO & Founder of LBRY
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Special Guest Host:
Eric Adams of DLN Xtend = dlnxtend.com | LBRY Channel | LBRY Invite

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Ryan, aka DasGeek = dasgeekcommunity.com | LBRY Channel | LBRY Invite

Michael of TuxDigital = tuxdigital.com | LBRY Channel | LBRY Invite

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Topics covered in this episode:

DL Hosts’ Week in Linux:
Eric = Ubuntu 20.04 Testing, Learning JACK Audio & Reaper
Ryan = made a video about the ElGato Stream Deck Mini for Linux
Michael = Working on a Super Secret Project for DLN & a LOT of Testing of LBRY

Community Feedback:
NVidia’s Geforce Now
Website Development Tips on Linux

Interview with Jeremy Kauffman, CEO & Founder of LBRY!

Conglomerate 451 (Cyberpunk RPG game)

Software Spotlight:
Stacer is an open source system optimizer and monitor.

Tips & Tricks:
Keyboard Shortcut to Show Hidden Files
Ctrl+H is essentially a universal shortcut these days.