On this week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re going to be covering community feedback, a new survey from Red Hat with some unexpected results, a video making waves about the top ten reasons why Linux is better, and finally our software pick & tips and tricks. All that and much more on this week’s episode of Destination Linux.

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Special Guest Host:
Gab, of Tech Pills = https://techpills.technology/

Hosts of Destination Linux:
Ryan, aka DasGeek = https://dasgeekcommunity.com
Michael of TuxDigital = https://tuxdigital.com
Noah of Ask Noah Show = http://asknoahshow.com

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Topics covered in this episode:

What We’ve Been Up To:
– Gab talks about the software he’s made: a RSS Reader & Network Info Utility
– Noah’s great story about video broadcasting with Linux for a radio station’s sports coverage
– Michael launched the new DL Picks page that lists all the Spotlights, Tips & Tricks we’ve done on DL
– Ryan talks about launch of our new Patrons Chat Live Stream where all Patrons, of any DLN Creator, are welcome to join us for a video chat each month!

Community Feedback:
– Ways to find Source Code of a project
– What’s the status of Wayland?
Koreader – Open Source eBook Reading software for Kobo and Kindle devices

Episode Topics:
– Linus Tech Tips video about 10 Ways Linux is just better!
– Red Hat reveals results from an Enterprise survery about Open Source software usage

Software Spotlight:
Grub Customizer

Tips & Tricks:
Cutting and Pasting in the terminal

Bash includes some basic cut-and-paste features.

Ctrl+W: Cut the word before the cursor, adding it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+K: Cut the part of the line after the cursor, adding it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+U: Cut the part of the line before the cursor, adding it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+Y: Paste the last thing you cut from the clipboard. The y here stands for “yank”.

Also the y might stand for *yeet*