On this week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re going to be covering community feedback, a new survey from Red Hat with some unexpected results, a video making waves about the top ten reasons why Linux is better, and finally our software pick & tips and tricks. All that and much more on this week’s episode of Destination Linux.

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Special Guest Host:
Gab, of Tech Pills = https://techpills.technology/

Hosts of Destination Linux:
Ryan, aka DasGeek = https://dasgeekcommunity.com
Michael of TuxDigital = https://tuxdigital.com
Noah of Ask Noah Show = http://asknoahshow.com

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Topics covered in this episode:

What We’ve Been Up To:
– Gab talks about the software he’s made: a RSS Reader & Network Info Utility
– Noah’s great story about video broadcasting with Linux for a radio station’s sports coverage
– Michael launched the new DL Picks page that lists all the Spotlights, Tips & Tricks we’ve done on DL
– Ryan talks about launch of our new Patrons Chat Live Stream where all Patrons, of any DLN Creator, are welcome to join us for a video chat each month!

Community Feedback:
– Ways to find Source Code of a project
– What’s the status of Wayland?
Koreader – Open Source eBook Reading software for Kobo and Kindle devices

Episode Topics:
– Linus Tech Tips video about 10 Ways Linux is just better!
– Red Hat reveals results from an Enterprise survery about Open Source software usage

Software Spotlight:
Grub Customizer

Tips & Tricks:
Cutting and Pasting in the terminal

Bash includes some basic cut-and-paste features.

Ctrl+W: Cut the word before the cursor, adding it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+K: Cut the part of the line after the cursor, adding it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+U: Cut the part of the line before the cursor, adding it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+Y: Paste the last thing you cut from the clipboard. The y here stands for “yank”.

Also the y might stand for *yeet*


  1. Great show guys ! I wanted to ask about what syncing tools you all suggest, use to sync files between yourself and peers. I was using MEGA to do so, but the bandwidth limits have gotten in the way recently because of the larger files I’ve had to move. Also, would want to get a majority of my files off of the cloud.

    I looked up BitTorrentSync but that project has changed names and is not open source. I went to Prism-Break and found some useful tools like Syncthing , Cryptomator and Sia What do you all think/recommend?

    Side note: I am on a VPN 24/7 at home and on my Tablet & Phone, so if possible would like a tool to work on a vpn

  2. Hey @MichaelTunnell - First off, the picks site is incredible… So let’s improve it… how about one on the destinationlinux.network site that covers the picks / tips from all the shows (like Linux 4 Everyone, and Ask Noah) as well!!!

    It would make it much easier for me than trying to update my spreadsheet!

  3. It’s crazy that I just installed feeds after a time of checking out the different rss programs. It’s the one that I could do what I needed the best by putting it into my dietpi ssh banner

  4. Thanks everyone, enjoyed this, as usual, though I’m behind on episodes. All I’ll say is, if you’re in istoolation, it’s a good opportunity to catchup :wink:

  5. The syncing between my own devices is MUCH simpler than syncing with other people. I don’t typically sync with other people. I usually just upload the file somewhere that i know they can get it and then I remove myself from the equation, like Firefox Send service.

    For syncing my own devices, it depends on what I want to sync such as having a server for webdav syncing of my notes, KDE Connect for moving files around (without sync) or occasionally Nextcloud or Syncthing for file syncing.

    For syncing with DLN Creators we use a self-hosted Nextcloud instance.

    I barely have the time and energy allotment for DL Picks tracking and I am the one keeping track of the metadata for each episode release . . . one for all shows is just not possible unless I am not involved in tracking data or adding the data.

    Yea, Feeds is a pretty cool app for general desktop usage. I have a much more extravagant approach to RSS feeds so desktop tools won’t provide what I need. Instead, I use TT-RSS on a server.

    You’re welcome :smiley: That is a very good point, there is plenty of time to catch up on content now. :slight_smile:

    . . . .oh I just saw it . . . istoolation :man_facepalming:

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