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Special Guest Host:
Stuart Langridge
Bad Voltage | Kryogenix | Stuart Interview on DL50

Interview Guest:
Ikey Doherty
Lispy Snake | Ikey on DL8, DL19 & DL35
(formerly of Solus)

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

– The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online
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Ikey Doherty of Lispy Snake (formerly of Solus)

Other Topics:
GNOME 3.36 Preview
ISP’s Claim Privacy Law Violates “Free Speech”

Software Spotlight:

Tips & Tricks:
Control Sudo Timeout Period

Ever wonder what controls the sudo timeout period and want to edit it to something else.

This weeks tips and trick will show you just how to do that.

Open a terminal and type

$ sudo visudo

There will be a line that states: Defaults env_reset

Add timestamp_timeout=x

replace x with things like 5 for 5 minutes or 15 for 15 minutes.

If you want it to always ask change it to 0

Example line: Defaults env_reset timestamp_timeout=5


  1. This was a good one. I am going to state 3 key point in the podcast, Flatpaks vs. Snaps / ISP’s selling your data as an added revenue stream / and the BIG ONE ! “BETAMAX vs. VHS”

    I will say, I am a Flatpak supporter, and am working on repackaging .rpm’s to flatpaks with the new tools available by the Fedora team. flatpak-builder , rpm2flatpak & fedmod Basically having a .yaml or .json file of the build can get you started otherwise. the tools can build the .yaml or .json script for you if done properly !

  2. As a long time developer who used to fiddle with my own games to learn new programming concepts (mostly in C & C++) this episode was especially fascinating to me. Good stuff.

  3. lol yea the Betamax vs VHS debate was a surprise to me :smiley:

    That’s great to hear! Thank you for doing that work!

    I personally feel that Snaps do offer some things better and the argument of picking Flatpaks instead is not practical. I say that because Snaps are not just desktop where Flatpaks are and so Snaps offer more options to deploy server software in a simple method. This is what makes Snaps a bit more useful overall and will probably be what makes them the first choice for many devs. Flatpaks are very nice for Desktop apps and in an ideal world we would have Snaps for server or IoT and Flatpaks for Desktop. However, theres no reason to limit Snaps off the desktop technologically so it is what it is.

    very cool! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :sunglasses:

  4. In regards to VHS vs Betamax, I am with this guy.

    VHS was a better design over all. Much, much more clever. That said, my opinion on universal packages, I want Snaps, Flatpak and AppImages to continue to progress in their own way. I think they all have a place. I’m not a developer and neither of them are my preference (openSUSE OBS is the way to go IMHO), but you cannot discount Snaps as I think they are better positioned in capturing 3rd party commercial software. I say that because businesses generally have more faith in something backed by a corporation. You can find many examples of that.

  5. Avatar for Strit Strit says:

    Great points all around. :slight_smile:

    Regarding Snaps vs. Flatpaks, I say use the correct tool for the job.

    I tend to lean towards flatpaks, but that’s because I’m a desktop guy.
    Snaps are great on servers.

    PS: Flatpak support is coming to Pamac (Manjaro’s GUI package manager) in version 9.4.

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