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Topics covered in this episode:

Community Feedback:
Episode About VPNs of Ask Noah Show
Wireguard Tutorial

Kernel 5.5 Released
Solus New Release
Open Source eBook Reader
Canonical Anbox Cloud
Epic Games Makes Michael Angry

Software Spotlight:

Tips & Tricks:


  1. during the Podcast Noah addressed how to “securely access a machine remotely”

    But I don’t see where they instructions are linked in the show notes…

  2. You mean about 24 minutes into the episode?
    His preferred solution is to use a VPN.
    There’s a few out there.
    See episode 155 of Ask Noah Show.

    Or his wireguard tutorial

  3. Or do what I did two years ago and use this

    It’s been stable and easy to use and setup on Ubuntu.
    Just needed to punch a hole in my firewall and scp the the VPN profiles to my client machines. Make sure to put a passphrase on your profiles.
    Apparently it now even includes wireguard!

  4. you are correct. I forgot to add the links. I have fixed that in the shownotes.

    in fact, the links that @blockhead provided are correct so thanks for that :smiley:

  5. Avatar for esbeeb esbeeb says:

    Back in December, I mentioned some tips and pointers on how to hide an SSH server’s world-accessible port inside a Wireguard tunnel (so that without an established Wireguard tunnel, the SSH server can’t be remotely accessed):

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