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Interview Guest:
Hayden Barnes of Canonical = Twitter / Website / Gopher Site / Star Trek Movie Ranking

Special Guest Host:
Dustin Krysak of Ubuntu Budgie = Twitter / Website

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  1. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    Thanks, everyone. Very insightful interview clarifying Hayden’s viewpoint in detail. It’s good to hear from trusted individuals that they’re seeing genuine change within Microsoft though I personally feel it will be a very long time before my trust in Microsoft may build. Professionally of course we use the products we have to, but personally, I don’t see them winning me over.

  2. Great episode. I must say that Hayden’s Linux background was a trip down memory lane for me. My first distro was Redhat 3.x.

    I am also glad you threw in a link to his gopher server! That’s some real class right there. I am about to finish the reboot of my personal gopher server as well.

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