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Community Feedback:
– Disaster Recovery Advice (eg: medical issues while keeping tech accessible)
GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel Router
Mpow CH6 Kids Headphones
– Clarification on Noah’s stance on Microsoft bringing various software to Linux
– Feedback on Ubuntu might not be the safe fallback distro anymore

Topics covered in this episode:
New Firefox 72 Released
Linus Say No To ZFS In Kernel
New Dell Linux Laptop
Nvidia Wakes Up

Software Spotlight:
Virtual Machine Manager

Tips & Tricks:
Intel PRO/1000 Pt Dual Port Server Adapter


  1. I’ve been using VirtualBox. I’d be interested in hearing more details of your conversion to libvirt and virt-manager. Did you run both virtualization products on the same PC during your conversion? Can a virtual machine be converted from VirtualBox to virt-manager?

  2. Avatar for GOK GOK says:

    @dasgeek Major retailers and manufacturers have long “conspired” to offer “special” models. Consumer Reports thought the purpose was to make comparison-shopping difficult. That probably explains Best Buy selling an HP laptop that “doesn’t exist” on HP’s own site.

    Which doesn’t answer why it won’t boot Linux.

    A friend recently bought a Dell Inspiron at Costco. Great deal, came with NVMe SSD. He wanted to install Linux and it just wouldn’t. His laptop chassis had space for a SATA SSD, so he disconnected the NVMe drive, added a SATA, and set that to boot. Which worked.

    To sell Optane drives Intel developed a default RAID configuration. Optane made sense with HDDs, none with NVMe, but the configuration persists. Winders somehow manages to boot successfully in that configuration where, apparently, the Linux kernel doesn’t.

    Here’s a Dell link that MIGHT be applicable and helpful. Though I’m presuming the HP went back to Best Buy.


  3. Avatar for GOK GOK says:

    @MichaelTunnell I know we’re all of us all in about privacy, but as I opened the DestinationLinux.network “portal” page today I glanced up and noticed uBlock Origin is reporting 32 what for lack of a better term I’ll call “trackers,” doubleclick, google, youtube ???

  4. this is due to the video embeds of the YouTube videos. I set it to use the nocookie domain but something else is a miss. I will have to look into this.

  5. Hi Folks,
    I’ve just listened to DLP #156 and have a couple of questions.
    Firstly I second OldFart and would like to see more on this. I’ve recently switched to Ubuntu mate 19.10 and attempted installing. Previously I’ve always just installed Oracle’s Virtualbox… Upshot is I tried virt manager but it failed with the libvertd install. I’ve searched, but can’t find much on this issue. Any suggestions on a guide to follow to getting this to work?
    Second question is around the new Dell XPS 13. I like that its got a webcam up top, but from what I can see, it doesn’t appear to have USB slot. How would one install a distro? via bootable SD card?
    I do like the fact that it can be delivered with ubuntu pre-installed, but I would like to install my own.

    Keep up the good work!

    Scooter (on my thinking stool) :slight_smile:

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