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Topics covered in this episode:

Community Feedback:
Elitism in Linux aka “Linux Snobbery”
Linux Mint vs Ubuntu Cinnamon Discussion from Episode 153
KDE Plasma Settings Backup & Deployment

Linux Kernel 5.4.7 / 4.19.92 / 4.14.161
– Our Hopes for Linux in 2020
– [Ryan]
– Better professional audio equipment support
– Tablet and mobile support
– A corporate or well financed entity focused on the desktop. Easy install, hardware partnerships, mobile integration, and up to date rolling.
– [Michael]
– reiterate Ryan’s desktop focus point
– more companies using universal app formats regardless which one they pick
– WINE to get some more attention from some kind of backing
– [Zeb]
– Less regression, it always seems that in the process of fixing one thing another thing breaks somewhere else. Now the Devs cannot really do a lot about this without the communities help. So as Linux users we need to volunteer to do more testing.

– [Noah]
– WireGuard
– Pipewire
Best OS for Raspberry Pi
– How we use our Raspberry Pi’s
ODROID-GO $55 Handheld
EA Bans Linux Users


Software Spotlight:
CMus – music player for the terminal

Tips & Tricks:
Backlight – External Monitor
Display Data Channel

XRandR on the Arch Wiki


  1. Listening to this episode coincided with me listening to the martin wimpress interview with big daddy linux recently.

    I think Martin made a good point about Microsoft about how people are over-meming the Microsoft hearts linux thing, and that their truly terrible days were before many linux users were even born. It’s worth a listen because I think Martin was very level headed about it it, whereas I think this show suffers from the over-meming a little bit sometimes. Microsoft seem to be doing some good things when it comes to Linux lately yet the response on the show always seems to be “well they’re benefiting themselves so it doesn’t count, lol microsoft hearts linux”. And Ryan jokes about running arch so often that you almost believe he actually is a bit elitist about it.

    Anyway I know this comes across a bit negative so I would finish by saying overall its a really good show and the good outweighs the minor annoyances by far!

  2. Avatar for Ulfnic Ulfnic says:

    I’m very concerned over Linux unifying under singular projects.

    I understand how important it is to have that “one recommendation” and there’s tremendous power in centralizing efforts but at the point of “one” we’re talking about eliminating choice, diversity, competition, corporate buy out resistance and a great deal of experimentation.

    You can easily make the case Linux has too many orphaned or totally unnecessary projects, but advocating centralization is also an extreme and a lot worse imho.

  3. I have three 3D printer each with a Raspberry pi running octoprint. A RPi 1 running volumio. RPiZw that powers a 3D printed robot. RPi 4 running docker containers and an atomic Pi running WireGuard and docker containers. I want to create a personal dash board using the magic mirror project. Oh! I have a PiZw with a relay that I use to open my garage door with too.

  4. I disagree because Microsoft has only changed their ways since Nadella took over and that’s only been a little shy of 6 years. Ballmer called Linux a cancer and he was in charge until 2014 so no it’s not like it’s some ancient thing people can’t get over.

    Yes but this doesn’t remove the horrible stuff they are still doing and it doesn’t change the fact that the stuff they open is to benefit themselves in some way. Yes, they are lightyears away from where they used to be when merely their name conjured disgust but that doesn’t mean they’ve done a 180 and now deserve praise. They deserve applause for the things they are doing right and ridicule for the awful stuff they continue to do.

    The Arch stuff can be overdone sure but the Microsoft stuff is fair I think because while we are critical we aren’t attacking them out of historical vitriol.

    I don’t think we advocated for complete centralization. We advocated for standards being set and applied by distros. I also advocated for universal apps but that is not centralization. I think the universal app stuff can be limited to just apps not infrastructure so even if there was one of those formats it would not beacentralization thing. So please clarify what you are referring to so that I can address it more directly.

    That all sounds awesome! I need to do some more of that stuff :sunglasses::+1:

  5. I agree. I suppose that’s what I’m not seeing in the show. They have done a few good things e.g vscode, teams on linux, but not really any praise from the DL team for it. Acknowledgment that some other people in the community like it yes, but that doesn’t really count as you guys giving credit where credit is due. Its just always caveated with, “but they benefit as well so they don’t really care and the good doesn’t count”.

    I mean you guys are dead against Google as a company and strong advocates for not using them wherever possible. But quite happy to use YouTube for your show because it benefits you. Does that mean you shouldn’t be praised for doing a good show? I don’t think so.

    Maybe that’s not an exact like for like comparison but you get my point.

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