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Topics covered in this episode:
Endeavour OS NetInstaller
Kubuntu Focus Laptop
Darktable 3.0 Released
Kdenlive 19.12 Released

Our 2020 Predictions:
– Intel bring the best price for performance dedicated GPU and releases 10nm CPU.
– Arch overtakes all other distros on the desktop with partnership with Valve.
– Cannonical and Microsoft form a stronger partnership. Cannonical moves over even more resources to work on WSL. Microsoft never release office suite to Linux.
– System 76 releases full AMD based laptop.
– Apple continues to release crap products nobody wants at prices nobody can afford.
– Google shuts down Stadia.
– Wayland will still not replace X11 in 2020 – I keep hearing they have made fantastic advances and I am positive it is not their fault but until it works with Nvidia…..
– The Ubuntu Desktop will thrive under the Stewardship of Martin Wimpress, Director Of Engineering, Ubuntu Desktop, at Canonical Ltd. and 20.04 will eclipse all other earlier versions, including the phenominal 14.04 which was my Year of the Linux Desktop
– Pine64 will continue to flourish, this is s a shining example of how Products should be marketed and sold with complete transparancy. Something we wish “Other” companies would aspire too.
– Michaels stool will languish unused, heartbroken, sitting lonely in the corner, rueing the day it was wrenched screaming from it’s Family life. Wanting to be back to other stools in the warehouse before Michael bought it.
– Canonical goes public – MS buys a big share
– A cloud connected company goes under over a PR disaster of privacy
– Tech will be a talking point in the 2020 American elections
– Apple will move further away from desktop and more into mobile
– A real 3rd party mobile player will emerge
– Pine will go mainstream
– Stool given away for charity
– more Linux powered devices
– Plasma will finally introduce good user experience defaults putting it in its rightful place of being the go to Desktop Environment
– Valve makes another announcement on the same level as Proton that blows everyone’s minds
– at least 1 big commercial company will release their application on Linux thanks to the Universal App formats
– I think 2020 will be the Year of the Linux Smartphone, well at least for me
– Destination Linux Network will become a media juggernaut not only in the Linux space but just tech in general making it possible for us to push Linux and Open Source forward in so many ways

Our Favorite Games of 2019
– [Ryan]: CS-GO, Bro-Force, WarFrame, Nier Automata
– [Zeb]: Euro Truck Simulator 2, Guild Wars 2, Elite Dangerous
– [Noah]: Rocket League, Golf With Your Friends, and something else
– [Michael]: Rocket League, Golf With Your Friends, Ballistic Overkill, Super Tux Kart

Software Spotlight:
Parted Magic – a complete disk management solution

Tips & Tricks:
Use cp -p to preserve the ownership and file permissions during copy

scp (secure copy) to copy a file from your local computer to a remote LAN system using ssh
rsync for remote systems that are over the internet


  1. Picked up Parted Magic, great tool. I’ll always have it for those “just in cases.”

  2. My prediction is that desktop Linux will see the most adoption it’s ever seen, along with more QOL improvements to make more people adopt desktop Linux.

    Now I just need to be reminded of my prediction in a year…

  3. I predict we’re going to see some big advances with RISC V this year.

  4. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    Thanks everyone, for another excellent episode :slight_smile:

    First of all wow, Zeb (@zebedee.boss - superb effort for the streaming and fund-raising support from our community. While on the topic of games, lovely to hear mention of Elite which for me is the most outstanding computer game ever, especially given how pioneering the original was. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of trying the current Elite Dangerous, but hope to some time. For the meantime my lack of funds ensure I find more joy in the SuperTux range so thanks also, for the mention Michael (@MichaelTunnell :slight_smile:

    Debian is also a distro that supports multiple DEs. At one time I’m pretty sure I had Gnome, KDE, Mate, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE and OpenBox all installed and available for selection from the login screen without any significant problems. The one single problem was a KDE/Plasma app needed to be manually disabled from a config file because it insisted on auto starting on other DEs. I also have been using Gnome on Wayland using the nouveau driver for several months now without a single glitch. Maybe this is because I’m on older hardware though? I currently have Gnome, Plasma and XFCE all concurrently installed on Debian 10 for my daily driver.

    With virtual machines, Virtualbox has worked pretty flawlessly for me so far except a kernel update on Fedora this week seems to have broken guest additions, without which it’s basically not usable. When I have time I’ll probably move to libvirt as recommended by Noah.

    I hope the predictions about Pine going mainstream turn out to be true :slight_smile:

  5. The difference between using xrandr for brightness and using another tool is that xrandr doesn’t actually talk to the backlight, instead playing with the colors to make the screen appear dimmer or brighter. This can cause the colors to look off or washed out.

    EDIT: I put this in the wrong thread. I’m sure it will get seen anyway.

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