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Topics covered in this episode:
Arch Linux Decides It’s Not Hard Enough
Flatpak Updated 1.5
Jack Audio Finally Has A Release
Linus Says Microsoft Has Changed
DLN Discourse

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DLN Forum Thread: Podcasts on Linux Desktop

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  1. Not to upset anyone… but is it really all that surprising that Arch would make Arch more difficult to set up? Their wiki is purposely set up to not be easy to follow. This is just one more reason to use something like EndeavourOS or Manjaro. What I wonder is, how does this change affect the down stream derivatives? Does it change the amount of work required by those distributions?

  2. Well, not to upset anyone, but since when Arch started to cater to the general public? If you go to the wiki, it’s not really in the fine print that you need to have experience and/or the willingness to learn if you want to use it. They have their niche they would like to be in, it doesn’t really matter how big of a slice they get from the overall Linux user base.
    I think if you don’t think Arch is convenient enough for you to install, there are a thousand other distros to choose from. If you like what Arch has to offer, be prepared to read the wiki and the forums in your free time.

  3. Avatar for Trent Trent says:

    Not on BitChute yet.

    Some of us are done with anything related with Google.

  4. It will be whenever BitChute’s API gets to it in the queue.

  5. Avatar for Trent Trent says:

    How about JoshWHoTV? :smile:

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