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Topics covered in this episode:
Arch Linux Decides It’s Not Hard Enough
Flatpak Updated 1.5
Jack Audio Finally Has A Release
Linus Says Microsoft Has Changed
DLN Discourse

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DLN Forum Thread: Podcasts on Linux Desktop

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  1. It will be whenever BitChute’s API gets to it in the queue.

  2. BitChute was chosen because they make the process easier to use vs the others so we aren’t looking for any alternatives to BitChute.

  3. @CubicleNate & @TarsolyGer, we aren’t really surprised by this happening, just disappointed. Arch Linux has a lot of people promoting it and even Valve started doing that some. They had the opportunity to make the distro more appealing but rather than doing that they made it even harder to setup making Manjaro, EndeavourOS, etc even more vital . . . it’s just disappointing to me, but yea, not surprising.

    I do understand their approach to distro development which is why I always defended them when people said it was a “toxic” community which is not fair to say but at the same time it is very restrictive in who could use it the vanilla “Arch Way” and if they want to make it that way then that’s fine. I am just disappointed they didn’t see the opportunity or maybe they did and decided to go the exact opposite away from it. I don’t know. It’s unfortunate.

  4. Avatar for tkk tkk says:

    @Sar In a tiny container it probably wouldn’t, because the host OS kernel would be used. (I know almost nothing about containers, but I think this is how it is. :parrot:)

  5. My issue is about the fact that they didnt say what all the packages were that were removed. They just said “and other packages you might expect”. Super helpful. With that said, it is making it harder for no apparent reason. I don’t consider making something hard a bad thing, I don’t care about that . . . it was the fact that they didn’t offer a reason and the claims people give for “more control” . . . everyone already had the same control with choosing whatever kernel, shell, and etc that they wanted. It is a change for the sake of change. But again, I don’t care that they made this change. I just want them to be clear about what actually changed because the announcement on the homepage was sadly lacking.

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