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Topics covered in this episode:

Linux Kernel 5.3 Released
Oracle Autonomous Linux
Stallman Resigns
AMD Epyc Processors Break World Records
Microsoft Employee Reaches Out
The Great Geometric Multiverse Tour

Tips & Tricks:
USB Guard

Software Spotlight:
Our Spotlight this week comes from the community. Linux Maximus writes to say:

> Hi. Linux Maximus here. Great show guys, not one excepted.’
> Sed and Awk are great but I don’t do enough scripting or terminal commands to spend the time learning how they work. And just forget about regex. But I need scripts that replaces one string with another string so I just love Rpl.
> Here is the blurb:
> rpl is a text replacement utility. It will replace strings with new strings
> in multiple text files. It can work recursively over directories and supports
> limiting the search to specific file suffixes.
> The syntax is really simple. Here is an example of replacing a string in a file
> rpl “oldstring” “newstring” /path/to/file
> It also has a other options like dry-run and backup of old files. Just run rpl –help and you get a easy overview of options. Very cool little project for us that like the terminal, but not That much.
> And again great show guys. More guests!