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Eric Adams = https://destinationlinux.org/ericadams
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Topics covered in this episode:

Raspberry Pi Now Runs Scratch 3
System76 Launches GUI Firmware Updater
OBS Studio 24 Release Candidate Features
IBM Announces New Contributions To Open Source
Mozilla & Google Protect Users
EVERSPACE 2 Coming To Linux

Software Spotlight:

Tips & Tricks:
Use the command ‘script’ to record the steps you’re taking in shell screen.
Script records the actions you take and once you type exit writes that history to a file named typescript by default.
This is useful for tutorials or for setting up your own ‘How-To’ for reference in the future.
This can also be helpful for individuals who may need to file a bug report as you have an exact record of the steps you took.
Remember to hit ‘exit’ or you will have a very large file in a few weeks once you remember you set it in motion.