Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 12 The Raspberry Murders for 03-10-17


Dell High End Linux Laptops

Kdenlive 16.12.3 Out, Promises to Crash Less Often

Solus Linux Driver Management

Green Recorder 2.0 Released, Lets You Screen Record Wayland

VidCutter 3.0 Released with New Features, MPV Backend

Deepin Screen Recorder released, a new member in deepin software suite

Firefox 52.0 released: find out what is new

OMGUbuntue Article

Firefox: Legacy add-on, or WebExtension? How to find out

Engadget: Mozilla is bringing modern video games to your browser

Chrome 57

Softpedia Article

Day of Infamy Officially Launching Later This Month, Official Linux Support

KDE Updates

Disclaimer from last week

Lockscreen Media Controls, Improved Touch Experience coming in KDE Plasma 5.10

YouTube Corner

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Alan Callegaro

Michael Barbara

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