On this episode of Destination Linux, we discuss the latest releases from Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Riot.IM, digiKam, Vulkan and more. Google backtracks on their adblocking fiasco, at least for now. The battles between AMD and NVidia is heating up with AMD hiring 10 more Open Source Developers and NVidia announces the GTX 1660. All that and much more including some Linux Gaming News plus our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!

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Topics covered in this episode:
Ubuntu 18.04.2
KDE Adding Matrix
Kali Linux Releases 2019.1
Riot Releases First Stable Version
Google Backtracks On Adblocking
Digikam 6.0 Released With Video File Mgmt
AMD Hiring Ten More People For Open-Source Drivers
Nvidia Launches GTX1660
Vulkan 1.1.101 Released
Rocket League Update Is Now Out

Software Spotlight:

Tips & Tricks:
Use ‘lmsensors’ to get information related to temps or voltage on your system. This utilizes the health monitoring chips available on hardware and can be a great tool for checking on the temps of your GPU or CPU for instance during stress tests or diagnosing issues on your machine.
After install type ‘sudo sensors-detect’ to find out which sensors are available or that you want read.
Once that is complete simply type ‘sensors’ into your terminal and get a readout of voltage, temps, and fan speeds depending on the sensors your hardware has enabled.