On this episode of Destination Linux, we discuss some news for openSUSE, the Awesome window manager, Mozilla’s release of Firefox 65 and Mozilla’s announcement for AV1 standard. We also check out a new open source video editor coming to Linux called Olive as well as some new laptops coming to Linux from Dell, System76 and Pine64. Later in the show we’ll talk about some Linux Gaming news and much more including our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!

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Topics covered in this episode:

OpenSUSE Has Been Busy
Awesome Window Manager 4.3 Released
Firefox 65 Released
Mozilla AV1 Royalty Free Standard
New OpenSource Video Editor Olive
Thunderbird 60.5 Makes a Splash
New System 76 Laptop
Dells New Developer Laptop
New Pinebook Takes On Chromebook
‘At Sundown’ Released For Linux
The Mean Greens Plastic Warfare Fixed For Linux

Tips & Tricks:
sudo !! which will add sudo to your last command in case you forgot to include sudo
– alias please=”sudo !!”

Software Spotlight:
Visual Studio Code