About the Destination Linux Podcast

Destination Linux is a weekly conversational podcast about sharing our passion for Linux & Open Source. Destination Linux is a show for all experience levels, whether you’re a beginner to Linux or a Master Sudoer so you’ll enjoy great content like the latest news, discussions, gaming on Linux and fantastic unique in-depth interviews hosted by Ryan, Michael and Noah.

Destination Linux podcast is the flagship show of the Destination Linux Network. Each host of Destination Linux also creates content on their individual channels and podcasts, so if you want some more content from DL then be sure check out those channels on the DLN.




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The History of Destination Linux

Destination Linux started in early 2017 and since then it has gone through 6 different iterations so we’ve built quite a bit of history in our podcast lifespan. We welcome you to check out the timeline of the podcast at the link below.
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DL Episode Archive

Destination Linux has had over 170 episodes so we made this archive to make navigating to specific episodes as easy and seamless as possible. We also created filters to only display episodes of each iteration/era of the podcast.
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Content License

The Destination Linux podcast releases episodes under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike* 4.0 International with an add-on clause for commercial usage.

*Add-on Clause: Derivatives are permitted and even encouraged with Attribution however for commercial usage, case-by-case permission is required.
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