Destination Linux EP40 – Michael Larabel of Phoronix

Welcome to Episode 40 of Destination Linux for 10/09/17 Interview with Michael Larabel Michael Larabel is an American entrepreneur, software engineer, and technology analyst. Michael is the founder of Phoronix Media, an Internet media company that has become the leader in providing original Linux hardware content, performance benchmarking and graphics driver information. Phoronix Founded on 5 […]

Destination Linux EP39 – The Bit You Should Read

Welcome to Episode 39 of Destination Linux for 10/02/17 Correction from last week Just to set things straight, ArchMerge is a separate project from ArchLabs with a completely separate team. There is no collaboration between ArchLabs and ArchMerge and they have a completely different vision about a distro. They each go their own way. I […]