Destination Linux EP26 – Erik Dubois of ArchLabs

Welcome To Episode 26 of Destination Linux News Are You a Distro Hopper? Debian 9 Stretch released More Unity Desktop Features Coming to Dash to Dock GNOME Tweak Tool Now Lets You Move the GNOME Application Menu out of the Top Bar Cascade Windows in GNOME Shell Nylas Mail is Dead Erik Dubois from ArchLabs […]

Destination Linux EP25 – David & Dustin from Ubuntu Budgie

Welcome To Episode 25 of Destination Linux News Solus Announcement Ikey will be leaving Intel in 4 weeks Personal Choice Ikey Doherty leaves Intel and becomes a full time Solus developer ROSA Fresh R9 LXQt released; It can smoothly work with 512 MB of RAM All LXQt components are based on the freshest 0.11 branch […]

Destination Linux EP24 – A Flurry of Activity

Welcome to Episode 24 of Destination Linux Rob was unavailable this week due to business so we have two guys helping Co-host today Discussion Dustin Ryan – DasGeek News Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Builds Now Shipping with the GNOME Desktop Instead of Unity Gnome is now the default Desktop LightDM has Gnome as default […]