Month: April 2017

Destination Linux EP16 – Jody James of OBRevenge

Destination Linux EP16 – Jody James of OBRevenge

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 16 with Jody James for 4-10-17


We have a brand new website up and running which is where you can find all the information you will need about each podcast including the vidcast of the show. You can also find out how to contact us through Email or our social links.

Youtube Woes

Youtube pulled down 3 of our vidcasts for violating community guidelines. We appealed all three and they were put back up but as of the airing of this show, our channel is still under video upload restriction because of it.

Guest Jody James



  • How You got started in Linux
  • Starting OBRevenge

Updates to OBRevenge

  • Concentration on speed
  • Running Openbox Window Manager
  • Panel Switcher
  • Extras: Driver Manager, Welcome Screen

Future for OBRevenge

  • Compiz Window Manager
  • OBR Installer
  • Controlled Updates

Jody James



Destination Linux EP15 – Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu Mate

Destination Linux EP15 – Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu Mate

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 15 with Martin Wimpress for 04-07-17


  • When did you start using linux
  • How did you become THE mate guy

Ubuntu Podcast

  • One of our favorites
  • What is the back story behind “The distro that shall not be named”

Mate 1.18

  • What are the benefits of using GTK3
  • Was there work done on the fonts
  • The Panel has a more cohesive feel to it? Is this all because of GTK3?

Ubuntu 17.04

  • Software Botiuque Updated
  • A suggestion for a new category for Icons and Themes (Already Implemented)
  • PowerPC being removed from 17.04 archive


  • What is ahead for 17.10
  • What are the upcoming developments for Brisk
  • What is the Development process and how do you prioritize what gets done
  • If people want to help out or contributeSide NotesObs Studio not installing newest version from the PPA
    obs-studio: Depends: libfdk-aac0 (>=0.1.1) but it is not installable (Updated Soon)Brisk menu is not integrated with the places or system so you can’t just hover across all three like you can with applications

Thank you Martin for spending some of your time with us

Martin Wimpress

Ubuntu Mate
Ubuntu Mate Blog