DestinationLinuxEP22 – I Don’t Know You Anymore!



Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 22 for Monday May 29th


We’re Back!!!!

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YouTube Corner


Hi Rob and Rocco,

Just thought I’d give a shout out to my new favourite podcast, thank you both for all of your hard work, and on your respective YouTube channels too.

As self-confessed distro-hoppers I was wondering if you could discuss elementary os and maybe a focus on minimalism in distros – being ill right now gave me an epiphany that I used to distro-hop like crazy until I landed on elementary. When I started using it, I felt trapped because it’s not as flexible as (for example) KDE and hated it until I realised that it has its own work flow that prevented me from breaking it – now I rely on it and can’t imagine switching. Is this minimalist approach key to stability in the Linux desktop? When I can configure a desktop, I find I will and then I inevitably switch to another distro when I break it – but when I can’t tinker with it, I get things done more effectively and am more likely to stick with it.

Sorry for the short essay, thanks, and keep up the great work!

Kind regards,
William Willis Whinn


Mentions: Elementary Tweak & Elementary Plus (Missing Icons)

Destination Linux Episode 21 – Time to Time



Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 21 for 05-12-17














Destination Linux EP20 – “This Is Not Burger King”



New artwork

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Viewer comments

I listened to the MP3 ‘Destination Linux Update’ dated 20th April 17 on Podbean.  The last regular episode I had was Number 14 dated 1st April 17.  I’m sorry you’ve been having problems and really like the show.  However, I resubscribed to the show and still had the same episode listings as before.

I don’t understand the finer details of podcasting and subscriptions and so I’m wondering how it is that I got nothing from Episode 14 apart from the ‘Update’?  Surely, if I got the ‘Update’, I’d at least get every episode since then?

Thanks for bearing with me and for your help in my Linux journey.

Best wishes


Hey guys great to see you finally have a real website. And thanks for the referral message. My Podcast Addict still had the old feed and I was beginning to wonder was going on.
Enjoy the show, and really enjoy the “safe for work” aspect of the show. And while I listen to other podcasts, many I can’t recommend to others.

BTW- The Email link and the Telegram links don’t work.

Keep up good work!


Hi Rob & Rocco

With the never-ending nonsense from YouTube regarding flagging videos for no logical reason, etc. – would ye guys consider moving to another video site? I recommend Dailymotion. Additionally ye could upload your videos (past & future) to

Hi guys

Absolutely love the Destination Linux podcast & both of your own YouTube
channels. Fantastic work!

I’d be interested to find out if either of you have tried Chakra?

I’ve recently started to run Chakra as my daily driver and find it to be
a superb KDE implementation. By far the best Linux distribution to fit
my needs.

From what I can tell they’ve been going a few years now & came up with
the idea of a half-rolling release model long before Linux Mint or KDE

I don’t see many reviews or videos available for Chakra & I believe they
deserve much more attention.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts or comments!
Kind Regards


Hello:  Rob & Rocco

Just wanted to tell you all, that the new Ubuntu Mate 17.04 does not work on my system.  Big deal!  That’s not a deal killer for me i will just use something else. What works for me. ( fedora 25 ) yes like all the distro’s they are all in need of some work. I will say to you guy’s keep doing what you are doing. Your shows are for everyone to enjoy.  And i do, Those who don’t like what you say about distros or the comments, or reviews don’t need to complain. If they want to do a disto review. just jump right in, and do your own assessment of the distros. And they can then put on their big boy pants, and see what happens!  Everyone is a expert but the expert!

Love the show, reviews and guests. Keep going it is all good and fun.

Jalu ( just a linux user )

Ben S

Hi guys, great channel – loving the weekly shows. I don’t know if you already have one, but have you considered creating a Patreon page as a way to accept donations? Happy to contribute in a small way, as I’m sure others are, towards the cost of keeping the doors open :-).
Keep up the great shows guys.

Len Zielenski

Please pay me back for the time wasted with the long intro and the opening nonsense. Oh, and throw in a few bucks for every “Uh”.


Hey Rocco, I wanted to give another UPDATE on LADSPA (Pulseaudio Dynamic Range Comression) aka Audio Output Normalization.



Instructions for the Fix
1) Make sure gedit is installed (sudo get-apt install gedit)

2) We need to install 3 items: (Synaptic Package Manager recommended)
Pulseaudio (if not installed)
pavucontrol (if not installed)

3)Type in konsole:
sudo gedit /etc/pulse/
*(nano doesn’t work)

4) Scroll to the bottom of the file “/etc/pulse/” and add the following lines:

### Pulseaudio Dynamic Range Compression
load-module module-ladspa-sink sink_name=compressor plugin=sc4m_1916 label=sc4m control=1,1.5,401,-30,20,5,12

5) Save the file and restart PC

6) Open pavucontrol and choose LADSPA output module
(this may not actually look like it’s selected, but the icon of the output device should say “LADSPA stream on”

7) Then set each Application output to the LADSPA module.

8) Done. Your ears will thank you. Pass it on. 🙂



Thank you for listening and we will see you next time

Destination Linux EP19 – Ikey Doherty with Solus’ BIG Snapshot


Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 19 with Ikey Doherty of Solus for 4-24-17



It’s Now Super Easy to Make Ubuntu Look like Windows

Enjade Wants to Recreate the Unity Desktop on KDE Plasma

You Can Sync GNOME Extensions Between Desktops using Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox 53.0 Web Browser Drops Linux Support for Older Processors

Firefox 53 with 2 new compact themes

Install Wire Encrypted Messaging App On Linux Ubuntu

OMGubuntu Article

Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland

Ubuntu 17.10 Is Named ‘Artful Aardvark’



Rosa Desktop Fresh R9 Plasma 5 & KDE4 versions Download


Deepin 15.4

  • Update system installer with full screen support. It provides a fuzzy background, facilitate auto detection of location and time and also provide QR code scan feature for providing feedback.
  • Ships Linux Kernel 4.9.8 which has more drivers for modern hardware components. It provides better stability and reliability
  • Better font rendering which resolves popup hints.
  • Enables ability to set different backgrounds in each virtual desktop
  • Provides better gesture support.
  • Optimized hot corner experience and better interaction design
  • A new collection of beautiful wallpapers.


Ikey Doherty

Solus Budgie Improvements

  • A new Alt + Tab window switching feature. This was a long awaited feature in budgie desktop and it was developed by offering a prize.
  • Budgie 10.3 provides more options for customization. You can customize clock applet. Also, raven – the control cum notification center – includes a new option to switch window controls to either left or right.


  • budgie 10.3 includes integration with recent release of gnome stack, ie, gnome 3.22+
    Art work download is supported with MprisClient and it addresses a bug which was more visible with Spotify.
  • Resolved the inability to pin GNOME Twitch via the Icon Tasklist
  • Resolved incorrect vertical alignment of the Clock Applet
  • Now ensure tray icons are evenly spaced, as a result of syncing our natray with upstream gnome-panel.
  • Improvements have been made to the Places applet

Solus Releases ISO Snapshot 2017.04.18.0

  • Bulletproof boot management out-of-the-box, leveraging clr-boot-manager to enable the maintenance and garbage collection of kernels, as well as configuration of the bootloader
  • the latest Mesa, 17.0.4
  • Linux Driver Management


Destination Linux EP18 – Michael Tunnell of Tux Digital


Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 18 with Michael Tunnell for 4-17-17



Ubuntu Snaps to Integrate Fully with GNOME and KDE

“Snaps continue for Ubuntu and other distributions (now Fedora, openSUSE, Debian and others). They will also integrate fully with GNOME, KDE, and I hope Elementary, MATE, etc. too,” said Mark Shuttleworth. “They are an amazingly clean way to deliver apps and since most of the major software companies target Ubuntu this is a good way to enable other distros to benefit too.”



Guest Michael Tunnell


  • History of using Linux
  • “Producer Michael” on LUP
  • Currently involved in many projects, Ubuntu Mate, Antergos, Tux Digital with a new News show called This Week In Linux
  • Ubuntu CEO Change
  • Ubuntu’s choice of going with Gnome and Why not KDE? Or Why not Mate?
  • General Konversation


You can contact or check out Michael Tunnell’s work by visiting one of the links below.


Viewer Comments and Email



Version 26 comes with a lxqt spin aswell.


Canonical cuts down employees after quiting unity


Kernel 4.12 adds support for upcoming amd vega gpu’s


Enough for the next show? Hope so :p cheers




Hi there


I’m on 16.04.2 lts


I always used to have this problem. Instead of a reboot I found online (can’t remember where) using ‘Sudo systemctl restart network-manager’ Worked and prevented a reboot.

The problem stopped recently for me. However my upgrade to 16.04.2 coincided with a change of ISP and router. Didn’t think until I listened to this episode that I hadn’t pinned the problem to the router or wifI driver (I use broadcom with kernel firmware)


All the best







destination linux is really a great , show! i wanted to comment on the kde sound switching issue. when you click on the sound icon in system tray, switch to the applications tab, there you can drag an drop the application sounds to your audio devices, there are also options in the sound settings, to change the behavior of the switching (change just one application or change all apllications at once for exampe).

keep on the great work.

greetings from germany


Destination Linux EP16 – Jody James of OBRevenge


Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 16 with Jody James for 4-10-17



We have a brand new website up and running which is where you can find all the information you will need about each podcast including the vidcast of the show. You can also find out how to contact us through Email or our social links.


Youtube Woes

Youtube pulled down 3 of our vidcasts for violating community guidelines. We appealed all three and they were put back up but as of the airing of this show, our channel is still under video upload restriction because of it.


Guest Jody James





  • How You got started in Linux
  • Starting OBRevenge

Updates to OBRevenge

  • Concentration on speed
  • Running Openbox Window Manager
  • Panel Switcher
  • Extras: Driver Manager, Welcome Screen

Future for OBRevenge

  • Compiz Window Manager
  • OBR Installer
  • Controlled Updates


Jody James



Destination Linux EP15 – Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu Mate



Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 15 with Martin Wimpress for 04-07-17



  • When did you start using linux
  • How did you become THE mate guy

Ubuntu Podcast

  • One of our favorites
  • What is the back story behind “The distro that shall not be named”


Mate 1.18

  • What are the benefits of using GTK3
  • Was there work done on the fonts
  • The Panel has a more cohesive feel to it? Is this all because of GTK3?

Ubuntu 17.04

  • Software Botiuque Updated
  • A suggestion for a new category for Icons and Themes (Already Implemented)
  • PowerPC being removed from 17.04 archive


  • What is ahead for 17.10
  • What are the upcoming developments for Brisk
  • What is the Development process and how do you prioritize what gets done
  • If people want to help out or contributeSide NotesObs Studio not installing newest version from the PPA
    obs-studio: Depends: libfdk-aac0 (>=0.1.1) but it is not installable (Updated Soon)

    Brisk menu is not integrated with the places or system so you can’t just hover across all three like you can with applications

Thank you Martin for spending some of your time with us


Martin Wimpress

Ubuntu Mate
Ubuntu Mate Blog

Destination Linux Ep.13 – Guest: AJ Reissig


Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 13 with guest AJ Reissig for 03-24-17




Mate 1.18 Released


Microsoft now blocks Windows 7 and 8.1 updates on Kaby Lake, Ryzen systems


Wine 2.4 Has Fixes for Aliens vs. Predator, The Next BIG Thing, and Nvidia GPUs


YouTube Corner


AJ Reissig


AJ Reissig Youtube Channel


Thanks for Watching